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Most people are familiar with the fact that what you eat in your pregnancy has an effect on your baby.  Every choice you make will have an influence on the health of your child both presently and in the future.  What some women don’t know, however, is that the choices you make nutritionally during your pregnancy, will also have and affect on the way the mother feels, heals and thrives.  Food can be therapeutic or deleterious and this must be kept in mind when eating during pregnancy.

Making good choices is not always easy, especially when you’re pregnant.  Hormone surges, morning sickness, food aversions or (strong!) preferences can make it difficult to prioritize nutritional density – which is what is most important in pregnancy.

In my own pregnancy, I have discovered a magic little morsel – The Chia Seed – which has been a delicious super-food experience.  Chia seeds are a big winner in a pregnancy diet – and I’m about to tell you why.

The Top Four Reasons to Eat Chia Seeds When You’re Pregnant

1. They are SO nutritionally beneficial – Chia seeds are rich in so many of the nutrients needed in pregnancy.  At the top of the list, they are loaded with magnesium.  Magnesium is a common mineral deficiency in pregnancy which can account for everything from morning sickness to constipation to restless leg syndrome to heart palpitations and anxiety.  Of course, these conditions may have more serious causes which should be investigated by your doc or midwife, but if you’re given the all clear, it may simply be a case of upping your magnesium intake.  Chia seeds are AWESOME for this!

2. They don’t really have any flavour – this means you can put them in many things without altering the flavour, which is a very important quality to have in a food you’re eating when pregnant.  On a smoothie kick? Add some chia – you won’t even know it’s there.  Approaching week 18 of oatmeal for breakfast EVERY morning? Sprinkle on a spoonful.

3. They help with constipation – due to the fact that they are very high in omega 3 oils, this slippery little seed can help to lubricate the digestive tract.  This helps get things moving along smoothly and can help prevent tearing or irritation of heamorrhoids which may have popped up.  Chia is also loaded with fibre (a well known and important part of the equation for bowel regularity)

4. There are MANY amazing recipes which use Chia Seeds, which are SO easy to make.  These are my faves!

Chocolate Chia Pudding – I love eating this with fresh berries and granola for breakfast.  It’s so satisfying and delicious!  Ps – this recipe uses dates as a sweetener, which have been shown to help prepare the body for labour.

Super Power Chia Bread – this gluten free wonder is a great thing to have if you’re experiencing acid reflux – often eliminating processed grains can alleviate reflux discomfort.  Hint – it’s really tasty with avocado and smoked salmon!

As I said above, there is very little taste so it is easy to sneak it into everything! Try it in your breakfast cereal and smoothies (you can see the recipe for my constipation smoothie here – add some chia!)

Michelle Kapler
Michelle Kapler
When I’m not working, you can find me knitting socks, writing for my blog, eating oysters that my husband has lovingly shucked, creating and co-creating meals for loved ones or hanging out with my Herbal Medicine Textbooks and and a very specifically pulled espresso.
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