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Natural pregnancy care for you and your growing baby


Your quality care does not stop once you get pregnant.  A specifically tailored combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used to make sure you have the best pregnancy possible.  Many women find natural treatments to be very helpful for:

– nausea and morning sickness (all day sickness for some!)

– constipation or diarrhea

– issues with appetite

– body pain

– lack of energy/tiredness

– insomnia

– anxiety/depression


Acupuncture for Labour Prep

Although acupuncture can be used for labour induction (stimulating uterine contractions) if need be, ideally, a labour prep acupuncture protocol is used in order to encourage the body to get into “labor mode” naturally.  This gentle acupuncture protocol begins at 36-37 weeks and continues until labour starts.  Acupuncture has been shown in numerous studies to encourage cervical ripening, increase blood flow, facilitate muscle relaxation and calm the mind.

This protocol is sometimes combines with a gentle and safe herbal formula to help the body gradually prepare for labour.  This combination can increase the efficacy and shorten the duration of labour and also decrease the changes of needing medical interventions such as pain medications (unless desired by the mama-to-be!)

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