Exercise For Babymaking

Wondering how you’re supposed to exercise when you’re trying to make a baby?

We all know the benefits of exercise. Increased circulation and detoxification, stress reduction, achievement of optimal weight, increased strength, better sleep. The list goes on and on! The problem is that not all exercise is created equally.

We have an unfortunate attitude in our culture, that the harder and faster you work, the healthier you will be. We have the belief that athletic is synonymous with healthy. This is simply not the case. Each person is different and will have different goals and needs when it comes to the way they exercise.

If a woman has a goal of conception at the top of her list, her main objective is building energy stores and achieving balance. If pregnancy is the desired result, the kind of exercise that is required is very different than the woman who is trying to lose 50 pounds or train for an athletic event.

The type of exercise that is revered in our culture (i.e – Tough mudder, obstacle course tackling, no pain no gain, sweat your boobs off, work harder, push harder, don’t stop until your body gives out and then keep going!) is NOT appropriate when a woman is trying to build up her body to support a growing life for 9 months.
….maybe not the best idea when you’re trying to get pregnant

There are types of exercise which are BUILDING in nature. These forms of movement are typically a little more slow moving and tend to focus on the whole person, body, mind and spirit – which ALL matter when one is on the threshold of parenthood.

When my babymaking clients come to see me for my fertility enhancement program, changes in exercise routines are almost always suggested. Many women, especially those of us living in Toronto, get tremendous benefit from slowing down a few times a week and being in our bodies.

YOGA – one of the loves of my life (in Toronto? Try Octopus Garden Holisitc Yoga Centre – they are the BEST people there)
TAI CHI – a great thing to do with your body in an environment which is far less intimidating than a yoga studio. (I highly recommend The Taoist Tai Chi Society – very reasonable rates for membership)

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Michelle Kapler
Michelle Kapler
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