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 Fertility Support Toronto (Fertility Support Group)

Have you heard about my new Fertility Support Group? This group is dedicated to providing a safe space for women to gather and discuss all things related to fertility and infertility. Each monthly meeting will feature a different expert/professional who will provide an informational talk to group members. Topics will all be related to fertility, improving fertility and dealing with infertility. Following the talk, the group will have time for question and answer with our guest speaker and then discussion among the group members.

Where: Ohana Wellness Clinic, 2315A Bloor Street West (second floor)

Cost: no charge

 For more info or to register, visit our meetup group page here

Space is limited so please register in advance

Delicious snacks and tea will be served.


July 10 2016 at 1pm – Eating For Fertility, Even When You’re Busy with Michelle Kapler R.Ac 

Eating for fertility is different than most “healthy eating” plans. Many popular recommendations are “cleansing” and “clean” in nature. This is not necessarily what we want when trying to make a baby. We want to eat foods that will nourish us, build us up, and bring us comfort. This isn’t always easy when we lead very busy lives.

Join Michelle for a discussion on how to get the most out of every meal, even when you’re busy. Learn quick and easy techniques and recipes that will have you energized and at your best.

August 7 2016 at 1pm – Herbs and Supplements for Fertility with Michelle Kapler R.Ac

In the age of the internet, there are infinite amounts of information right at our fingertips. Every blogger and contributor to the message boards has THE magic supplement or herb that is SURE to help you get pregnant.

So how do we navigate this? How do we know what’s real and what’s bogus? How do we know what’s right for our bodes in our particular situation? Because we all know that no two women’s bodies are the same!

Join Michelle for an informative discussion on how to choose the supplements and herbs that are right for your body (and how to know when a situation might warrant a consultation with an expert)